Privacy Statement

Registry of:
Siirtokuva Oy
Perkkoonkatu 9
33850 Tampere
VATid FI31934682

We collect personal data for managing the customer relationship between the company you represent and us. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the legitimate interest arising from managing the above-mentioned customer relationship and the statutory obligations arising from the above-mentioned customer relationship.

We also collect personal data for marketing purposes. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is then consent.

We do not make profiling and automatic decisions about you.

Your personal data will be received by:
- you and your colleagues
- our company and its employees
- the company responsible for the operation of our website
- the transport company that transports the goods
- the accounting office , who records the order in our accounting
- auditor who checks our accounting

We store your personal data:
- in the online store for five years
- in the e-mail archive for seven years
- in the accounting material for seven years

You have the following rights:
- the right to check your personal data
- the right to correct the data
- the right to limit the processing
- the right to object to the processing
- the right to withdraw consent
- the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority

Please note that you only have the "right to be forgotten" if we have no legal obligations to continue processing your personal data.

Siirtokuva Oy
Perkkoonkatu 9
FI-33850, Tampere
tel. +358400242813
Business ID: FI31934682