Terms and Conditions

Siirtokuva Oy's general terms of delivery from 7 November 2022

1. Scope

Siirtokuva Oy's general delivery conditions apply to all deliveries. In these terms, Siirtokuva Oy is the seller and the customer is the buyer. These terms and conditions apply unless otherwise agreed in writing. The terms of delivery are valid until further notice.

2. Prices

We state the prices without VAT. We reserve the right to revise prices without prior notice and to correct incorrect pricing.

3. Order

In hardware sales, a contract is created when the buyer has accepted the sales contract or order confirmation without changes and/or reservations. In other than hardware sales, the contract is created when the seller has confirmed the order.

4. Delivery time

Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery time will be counted as starting from the time the contract was created.

5. Device warranty

The sold devices are subject to a warranty according to the manufacturer's terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed. The device warranty includes repairing the device at the customer's premises. The device warranty is not valid if the device has not been properly maintained, if it can be determined that the damage was caused by the user, or if changes have been made to the device or original accessories are not used. Repairing the device does not extend its warranty period. The warranty only covers damage to the device itself. A claim based on the warranty must be presented to the seller of the product within 14 business days after the defect covered by the warranty has been detected.

6. Product features

The seller is responsible for the quality and other characteristics of the product only in accordance with the information specified in the contract. The seller's compensation obligation covers only the purchase price of the defective product. The seller has no obligation to compensate for other direct or indirect damages or costs, such as installation costs or other harm caused to third parties. All instructions and recommendations given in writing and orally are based on information known to us at the time in question and which we believe to be correct. Since we cannot control the use of the products we represent, and since the working conditions and methods and the material combinations used vary, the user should test the compatibility of the products according to the instructions given in the product descriptions before starting the actual production. The buyer is responsible for the correctness of the information related to the purpose of use of the goods given to the seller. If the delivered product is faulty in any part or the shipment is incomplete, the buyer must notify the seller of the error immediately and at the latest within 14 business days of noticing the error. The seller has the right, at his choice, to either correct the error or deliver a new product. The seller / manufacturer of the product is responsible for errors during the warranty period, provided that the buyer has used the product in accordance with its intended use and instructions for use.

7. Completion of the purchase price

If nothing else has been agreed on the payment period, it is 14 days net. The payment period is calculated from the invoice date. The invoice is delivered either as an e-invoice or as an e-mail attachment.

8. Late payment interest and collection costs

If payment is delayed, eighteen (18) percent late payment interest will be charged. In addition to late payment interest, the seller has the right to charge reasonable collection costs.

9. Reception and use inspection

When receiving the goods, the buyer's representative must state that the delivery is in accordance with the order and check that it is externally undamaged. The receiving inspection must be done within 7 days of the arrival of the goods and a possible error must be reported within the same period. Transport damage or missing packages that are discovered upon receiving the goods must be reported to the carrier immediately. The deficiency must be noted in the consignment note and an appropriate complaint must be made to the seller and the carrier.

10. Product returns

The buyer has the right to return the purchased product within 14 days of receiving the goods. If the product has been ordered specifically for the customer or has been used or otherwise processed, there is no right of return. The condition for accepting the return of goods is that the goods and packaging are completely faultless when returned.

11. Buyer's right for cancellation

If the seller's delivery deviates substantially from the agreement and the defect is not rectified within a reasonable time due to the buyer's written notice, or new goods in accordance with the contract are delivered, or if the delivery is substantially delayed due to a reason dependent on the seller so that it causes unreasonable inconvenience to the buyer, the buyer has the right to cancel the contract. If the goods that are the object of the sale have been manufactured or acquired especially for the buyer in accordance with his instructions and wishes, and the seller cannot use the goods in another way without significant loss, the buyer may cancel the sale due to the seller's delay only if the purpose of the sale remains essentially unachieved for him due to the delay, and the seller has understood this or must have understood this.

12. Seller's right for cancellation

If the payment of the purchase price or a part of it is substantially delayed from its due date, the seller has the right, at his choice, to terminate the transaction in its entirety or the part of the transaction for which the buyer has not yet received the goods. The seller has the right to cancel even when, based on the buyer's notification or otherwise, it is obvious that the buyer's performance will be delayed. The seller can also terminate the sale if the buyer does not contribute to the sale as agreed or otherwise reasonably required. The seller also has the right to terminate all sales contracts concluded with the buyer if the buyer is filed for corporate reorganization or bankruptcy or if the buyer is otherwise demonstrably insolvent.

13. Force majeure

The seller is not obliged to fulfill the contract if a natural disaster, fire, machine damage or a comparable disturbance, strike, lockout, war, shutdown, export or import ban, lack of means of transport, cessation of production, traffic disruption or any other such obstacle that the seller cannot overcome prevents the delivery of the goods or part thereof. Even when fulfilling the contract would require sacrifices that are unreasonable compared to the benefit to the buyer, the seller is not obliged to fulfill the contract. In these cases, the seller is not obliged to compensate the buyer for indirect or direct damage caused by the failure to fulfill the contract, and the seller also has the right to cancel the contract in these cases.

14. Transfer of ownership

Ownership of the goods is transferred to the buyer when the entire purchase price has been paid, unless otherwise agreed separately. In financing agreements, ownership is transferred to the financing company, from which the seller redeems the machine at the end of the financing period. It is possible for the buyer to redeem the financed object from Siirtokuva Oy within 60 days. The redemption price is 1% and is determined by the sales price of the equipment specified in the contract on the day the contract is concluded.

15. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

Finnish law applies to contracts between the seller and the buyer. Unless otherwise agreed, disagreements between the seller and the buyer will be resolved in the district court of Pirkanmaa.
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