DTF Printer Hanrun A600 Pro • 2 heads

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DTF Printer Hanrun A600 Pro • 2 heads
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DTF Printer InkGiant 60E4 • 4 heads
DTF Printer InkGiant 60E2 • 2 heads
DTF Printer Hanrun A600 Pro • 2 heads
DTF Printer Hanrun A331 Pro • 30cm wide
24500€ or 755€/mo

DTF Printer Hanrun A600 Pro • 2 heads

Great standard level 60cm wide DTF printer

Heat transfer printer for easy high level production of DTF transfers.

Inkjet printer and automated post processing unit.

Colorful image is first printed onto a film. White ink layer is printed directly over the color layer. Glue powder is sprinkled onto this moist ink. The belt carries the film into the oven to melt the glue and dry the ink. The images are now ready to be pressed to any fabric!

No need for cutting and weeding. Small details are easy to make in detail. Labour needed for large production is lowered by as much as 95%

The price for the complete package is 24500€. This includes the machines, transport, installation, starting materials, helping out with production start. After the setup, we will provide support and service.


• Large 1l ink tanks, white circulation
• Material width 60cm
• 2 x EPSON i3200 printhead
• 720*2400DPI Resolution
• Finished transfers 8m²/h
• Rip: FlexiPRINT
• Colour control: ICC standard and adjustment
• Size: 134 x 67 x 140cm
• Weight: 150kg

DTF Hanrun Pro 600

Curing oven

• Automated post processing
• Automatic powder distribution
• Glue powder circulation
• Long oven for curing
• Fast ceramic heating tubes
• Roll collector for finished film
• Easy and fast to learn
• Dimensions: 215 x 112 x 115cm
Weight: 320kg

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