PRO DTF Ink 1l • Magenta

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PRO DTF Ink 1l • Magenta
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PRO DTF Ink 1l • Magenta

Waterbased magenta DTF Ink for most DTF printers

• Color: Magenta
• Size: 1 liter
• Compatibility: EPSON I3200/4720/XP600
• Suitable media: PET DTF film
• Conditions: Temperature 10-30°C , humidity 40-80%
• Shelf life: 12 months

Pro high-end series inks with better color performance, better stability of continuous printing and can print longer under the same conditions.

This waterbase pigment ink is designed for printing on DTF printers and DTF film. DTF printing is a new technology for garments heat transfer-digital heat transfer.

Compared to other inks PRO DTF Ink has better imprint clarity and enhanced vividness.

• CMYK color ink
• Better imprint clarity and enhanced vividness
• Better stability of continuous printing
• Applicable on cotton, polyester and their blends, both light and dark
• High resistance to washing without loss of color

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