DTF Glue Powder 1kg • Coarse

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DTF Glue Powder 1kg • Coarse
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DTF Glue Powder 1kg • Coarse

Coarse glue powder makes the glue layer thicker, suitable for special usage

• Particle size: Medium 100-200μm
• Color: White
• Suitability: Special rough textiles
• Adhesive force: 10-15(N/cm²)
• Low melting point 100-120°C
• Soft, flexible, solvent-free polymer adhesive
• Excellent washing performance and dry/wet resistance
• Excellent resistance to abrasion and temperature changes

This powder is designed for printing on DTF, or direct transfer film, which is a new technology for T-shirt heat transfer-digital offset heat transfer. You can use a DTF printer to freely print the designed pattern on the coated PET film, then cover the printed pattern by this powder, and then transfer it to various fabric by heat transfer machine or electric iron.

White adhesive powder to be applied to form a adhesive layer after the DTF printing process.

Specially formulated polyester hot melt adhesive powder, also referred to as PET film powder, adhesive powder.

It can be used for personalized T-shirts, team clothes, Work clothes, advertising shirts, jerseys, bags and other fields. The image transferred has color retention and resistance to multiple washing. It will be the trend in the future to replace pure-colored HTV and Eco-solvent printable vinyl.

Finished product has bright colours and can be washed numerous times.

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