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DTF Transfers •  Free Samples
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DTF Transfers • Free Samples

Are DTF transfers all new to you?
Order some free samples here!

If you are new to DTF transfers, we will be happy to help you. We have prepared some sample transfers, which we can mail to you for testing.

DTF heat transfers are easily attached with a heat press. Set the temperature to 140 Degrees C and time to 12 seconds. These instructions will be included with the samples.

If you want to order DTF transfers from a specific images, or want to know about the pricing, check this page.

This product is not used to get transfers from specific image. This product is completely free to order.

Advantages to alternative methods

Cutting from film Silk screen Sublimation printingDTG printing
No need for weeding or transfer tapes. Transfers are ready to press immediatly, or can be stored for later. No need for making the films and frames. Small quantities are easy to make. No need to mix the colors. No requirements for the textile in use. Colors don't change while pressing.Transfers can be made for storage. Making large quantities is more flexible.

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