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UV DTF-stickers •  Free Samples
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UV DTF Stickers • Free Samples

Now it's easy to personalize hard goods! Order free samples here!

If you are convinced of the ease of DTF transfer images in textile marking, we have great news for you: even hard goods can be personalized easily and effortlessly with UV DTF-stickers! Order a sample sheet free of charge for the test.

UV DTF-stickers are delivered ready-to-use, laminated on a transfer film. All you have to do is remove the backsheet and install the sticker using the transfer film on the surface you want. Before removing the transfer film, you should rub the sticker on with, for example, a vinyl scraper.

If you want to order UV DTF stickers from a specific images, or want to know about the pricing, check this page.

This product is a sample and it is not used to get stickers from specific image. This product is completely free to order.

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